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Marie Aubrechtova, UK

I loved our sessions with Devin. As coach I am still learning not to give advice but rather guidance... which is hard for me as I love giving advice 😄 Retrospectively I thought I could have asked more deeper questions, but overall, I think the session went well. 

Diane VanWeelden, OH

I loved being coached by Devin! I very much appreciated Devin’s words to me. She made sure I felt heard and understood. Her coaching was very helpful. I loved making a deep, interpersonal connection with Devin and her beautiful spirit and wisdom! I am grateful.

Jennifer Linnekin, MD

Being coached by Devin was wonderful! She offered some really interesting observations. She also shared a download she received prior to our call, which was right on target, and I needed to receive it. Devin is a trailblazer, and she is going to bring so many people healing. She is inspiring! 

Cassaundra Moore, TN

This experience has been the most life changing experience I have ever went through. This workshop was AMAZING!! Devin, our life coach, was very patient with us and help guide us throughout all the aspects of this journey! It helped me reach a higher understanding of my life and my divine inner being! I am absolutely grateful for this workshop to come into my life. I feel elevated spirituality, emotionally, mentally and physically. I see a better me and others around say they see a different me as well. Thank you so much for helping me elevate my life through this AWESOME journey!

Jenene Clemons, CA

Devin is a wonderful facilitator! She’s passionate about your spiritual well being and takes you on a journey where you will be exposed to a wealth of information in each module. The pace is comfortable and you will definitely learn something.

Myesha Strozier, CA

Elevate Spiritual Life coach workshop was truly an enlightening experience for me. I personally have always had a strong interest in astrology. However taking this workshop, I learned there was so much more than just a sun and a moon sign. The course allowed me to break down and understand my natal chart, chakras, color healing, numerology and so much more. My weekly check-in’s with Devin was a bonus and was something I definitely looked forward to. It gave us the opportunity to discuss and talk through any questions I may have had on the material given out for the week. Devin was always available to answer my questions and even provided me with additional resources to read. The validation, yet gentle insight in her voice provided a safe space for me to be completely at ease and fully expressed. Her tone had such a calming yet assuring effect. Devin has empowered and inspired me to live more in alignment with my higher self by connecting to my purpose. Ready to Elevate??? You are at the right destination. You will not be disappointed.  Myesha S.
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